Product FAQ’s

How can Glo Brite® Exit Signs work without electricity?

Glo Brite® Exit Signs use next generation photoluminescent technology that allows the signs to absorb and store energy from ambient florescent light. In the event of an emergency such as blackout or smoky conditions Glo Brite® Exit Signs are immediately visible.

Why are Glo Brite® Exit Signs reliable?

Reliability has been the #1 safety issue with conventional emergency exit signs.Problems with maintenance and bulb failure are typical with electric signs. Glo Brite® Exit Signs are 100% reliable because they have no internal lights to burn out and are virtually maintenance-free for 25+ years.

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs radioactive?

No, unlike other non-electric signage available today Glo Brite® Exit Signs are non- radioactive and non-toxic.

Do Glo Brite® Exit Signs have any special requirements for installation?

Because Glo Brite® Exit Signs use no electricity they can be installed in almost every high or low location, and without the typically expensive hassle that comes with installing electric signs. Simply follow local building and fire codes for location requirements and make sure your Glo Brite® Exit Sign have 54 lux of fluorescent light on the sign face during building occupancy. Then, go hang your Glo Brite® Exit Signs. It’s as simple as that!

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs listed to the UL 924 Standard for Emergency Lighting and Power Equipment?

Yes. Glo Brite® Exit Signs are listed by ITS Intertek Services which issues their ETL logo. Our listing number is 3011292. UL develops standards that can then be used by any nationally recognized testing laboratory for compliance to that standard. ETL has completed all of the testing and Glo Brite® Exit Signs have been found to conform to the UL 924 standard. This also puts Glo Brite® Exit Signs in compliance with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and most local building codes. Glo Brite® Exit Signs also comply with the ICBO, IBC, UBC, BOCA, SBCCI and ICC building codes.

Are Glo Brite® Exit Signs available in any other photoluminescent color than High Visibility Green?

No, exit sign illumination should be High Visibility Green for good reason. In general, building codes address color as to whether illumination should be green or red. The problem with red light is that the human eye has trouble seeing the color red from a distance, or when the line of sight has been obstructed by smoke. The
green spectrum has much higher visibility and readability. The color green is also associated with the mental instruction to GO, much like at a traffic light. Green illumination makes for a much safer and more reliable sign. We do, however, offer our metal sign housing in Black, Red or Green.

How long will Glo Brite® Exit Signs last?

Glo Brite® Exit Signs are built to last! Because there are no internal replacement parts, Glo Brite® Exit Signs will be virtually maintenance-free for 25+ years. Our unique photoluminescent material will also not degrade when exposed to UV light, and allows consistent, uniform illumination across the sign face. Glo Brite® Exit Signs are also explosion-proof, and can be used in sensitive areas that require explosion-proof exit signs.

Can Glo Brite® Exit Signs save on energy dollars?

Absolutely! There are more than 100 million exit signs in building across the U.S.,operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is estimated that the U.S. spends $1 Billion to operate these signs. By using Glo Brite® Exit Signs, U.S. companies could save millions of dollars per year in energy and maintenance costs!

Your exit signs state that illumination must be present on the sign face at all times of building occupancy. Is this true?

Yes, if the building is occupied at all, there must be illumination at all times. If a building is going to be empty, there will still be some light source available (windows, door etc). If for some reason, the building is completely black, when occupancy returns and the lights do go on, we recharge in less than one minute.

Are there incentive packages for purchasing photoluminescent Exit Signs?

Municipality Funding for GloBrite Exit Signs:
Ontario Power Authority (ERIP) $5.00 per Exit Sign (same category as LED)
Federal Gas Tax Grant (This funding is available for capital retrofit expenditures. GloBrite Exit Signs qualify for this funding.)
OSIFA Loan Program (Funding that is available for municipalities capital retrofit expenditures) GloBrite Exit Signs Qualify. (This funding is provided by the Provincial Government, which offers low interest loans for Municipalities).

a. One of the most common problems for municipalities is upfront costs, the OSIFA loan program provides an alternative solution!
Department Budget/Maintenance Budget (Each Department Supervisor has funding available for small retrofit expenditures. Typically the best people to engage are the Managers of Facilities – they have funding available for small projects and typically don’t require Approval from Council). If you are proposing to replace ALL Exit Signs throughout the Municipality with GloBrite Exit Signs TYPICALLY Council Approval is REQUIRED

Where would Tritium Exit Signs be common?

This could be an easy upgrade to Photoluminescent!
Tritium signs were popular in the mid-nineties. Nobody ever admitted they were radioactive. Now they are effectively banned as the EPA has put huge restrictions on them and no Government building or School can install them as they are toxic, radioactive and very expensive.

Can you cover an existing LED or Incandescent exit sign with a safety Exit sticker?

Even though it sounds like a cheap solution, unfortunately this is illegal.EXIT SIGNS must be ULC and Building Code Approved. This includes passing Luminance levels, Longevity, Flame Spread, Flammability, Toxicity, Radioactivity and Graffiti proofing. Stickers have none of these. They can be used for

Are Photoluminescent exit signs LEED qualified?

Yes, PhotoLuminescent Exit Signs Quality under:

Where are example locations where PLM Exit Signs can be installed?

  • Schools
  • Retail
  • Convention Centres
  • Hotels
  • Condominiums
  • Medical
  • Offices
  • Military
  • University Buildings
  • Airports
  • Factories
  • And many more locations

What is the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System?

The Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System is a comprehensive suite of photoluminescent components that are designed to provide buildings with an extensive, photoluminescent low-level emergency egress route. The Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System provides 100% reliability while offering considerable savings in energy costs.

What components make up the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System?

Safety is the #1 reason to properly install a photoluminescent directional system for evacuation purposes in case of a power failure or smoky conditions. To that end, the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System currently contains seven components that are essential to a low-level emergency egress system. Each of these components is designed to glow in complete darkness after exposure to ambient fluorescent light.

Why is the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System superior to other choices available today?

An emergency egress system needs to be safe and reliable, or lives could be lost. A properly installed system should also help save on energy costs. The Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System provides a comprehensive photoluminescent directional system that is 100% reliable for evacuation purposes in case of a power failure or smoky conditions. In the event of a blackout, the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System provides an instantly visible emergency evacuation route. And, because no electricity is used, and our System is maintenance-free, there are considerable cost savings.

Is there a clear coating that you can put over the safety tapes to decrease wear and tear?

Yes, you can put a clear acrylic coating over the tapes for high traffic areas or sealing the handrail tape ends.

Where can the Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System be used:

  • Municipal Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Malls
  • Movie theatre
  • Hospital
  • Nursing Homes
  • Factorys
  • Hotels
  • Airplane
  • Office
  • Subway
  • Boats
  • Military Buildings
  • Airports
  • Tunnels
  • Universities

Fact about Luminance Testing

Intertek Laboratory has tested the Luminance of both LED’s and PLM after
10,30,60 and 90 minutes. This was done independently for MEA Approval. LED’s are calibrated at 5mc/m2 whereas PLM were over 18 mc/m2 after 2 hours!

Let’s say that the lights have been off all night and then the following morning a power outage occurs just 15 minutes after the building is occupied. Will Glo Brite® Exit Signs have time to properly charge and guide people safely out of the building?

  • This question was raised at a meeting of the NFPA 101 Technical Committee on Means of Egress, and, after a thorough discussion, it was determined that the probability of such a scenario was extremely low. It takes about 16 to 96 hours in total darkness for a photoluminescent exit sign to fully discharge. If full discharge has not occurred, then the residual energy in the sign will allow full charging to take only a few minutes instead of the one hour required by a fully discharged sign.
  • Additionally, 99% of true emergencies where evacuation of the building is required do not include the loss of power to the building within the first hour of the emergency. Even in the rare 1% situation, where there is loss of power within the first hour, there will still be emergency lighting along the egress path and true total darkness will never occur. Glo Brite® Signs will utilize that ambient emergency lighting and be visible.

General Facts about Glo Brite® Products

  • Glo Brite® Exit Signs are Next Generation photoluminescent exit signs that are non-toxic, non-radioactive, maintenance-free for 25+ years, and require no electric power.
  • Glo Brite® Egress Pathway Strips are durable aluminum extrusions with inset photoluminescent tape that clearly mark low-level egress routes on handrails, stairs and walls.
  • Glo Brite® Tape is an adhesive backed photoluminescent film for marking a safe, illuminated evacuation path.
  • Glo Brite® Dots and Arrows are adhesive backed photoluminescent film directional indicators that offer an endless variety of applications.
  • Glo Brite® Stripe Tape is photoluminescent striping tape that is perfect for marking columns and other obstructions that may be hazardous during an emergency evacuation.
  • Glo Brite® Safety Track is non-skid, mineral-coated photoluminescent tape that provides a highly visible, non-slip surface during blackout conditions.
  • Glo Brite® Safety Signage includes a wide array of photoluminescent safety and emergency signs that reduce the potential risk of panic during an emergency evacuation.