Egress Markings

All over the world, PL Material has been mandated by the I.C.C./I.B.C./B.O.M.A./NFPA to be used for Stairwell Egress, in order to illuminate the pathway in any Emergency. Canada is now embracing the same Codes, and in the future, all Stairwells will require Stair Treads, Wall Mounts, Low Location Running Man Signs, and Handrail Tape.


Safety is the most important reason to install a photoluminescent directional system for evacuation during sudden blackout or smoke-laden conditions. The reliable Illumineris GloBrite® Safety Guidance System is a complete system of non-electric, photoluminescent safety components essential for comprehensive low-level emergency evacuation route.

The Illumineris GloBrite® components are non-electric, non-toxic and non-radioactive. Using the latest photoluminescent technology, the Illumineris GloBrite® pigment absorbs and stores normal ambient light in the event of a sudden power outage, the stored energy is immediately visible, enabling the Illumineris GloBrite® Safety Guidance System to provide a safe illuminated path through dark stairwells, hallways and rooms. The Illumineris GloBrite® Safety Guidance System is easy and low-cost to install, and because there are no bulbs to burn out, the system is Virtually Maintenance-Free, Periodic Inspection for 25+ Years.

Safety + Reliability + Energy Savings = The Glo Brite® Safety Guidance System

When it comes to peace of mind, it all adds up!

Safety Tapes

  • Identify handrails and final door frames
  • Identify obstacles within the evacuation path

Stair Tread and Wall Mount

  • Clearly Illuminated Directional Guidance in Emergency
  • Immediately Visible
  • Zero Energy Consumption
  • Increase Occupants Safety
  • Stair Treads combine Anti-Slip with Visual Demarcation (OBC
  • Wall mounts for Tunnels
  • 25 Year Performance Guarantee

Floor Markers

  • Identify Stairwell location for all Occupants along Egress
  • Photoluminescent allows for easy readability in all Emergency Situations

Evacuation Maps

  • Ensure Emergency Routes are easily Identifiable
  • Interchangeable Artwork to allow for updates
  • Increase Occupant Evacuation Time