The Photoluminescent products act as a light battery, directly accumulating light energy from an external source and therefore they do not require any electrical power running to the products directly. Additionally, due to the unique properties of the product, the need for back-up generators if the power goes out to your building to power these products is not needed. This result allows the generator to provide powerto important building features for safe evacuation.

Illumineris products are…

  • Reliable and not-reliant on electricity, batteries or generators
  • Highly visible
  • Even if damaged, continue to work, unlike electrical signs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Save you money on electrical bill
  • Don’t require regular testing or bulb replacement
  • Come with 10 year warranty
  • Are environmentally friendly


Exit signs

A lot of existing exit signs use incandescent lamps with a power demand between 24 and 40 watts. Most signs are on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so each sign consumes somewhere between 210 to 350 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. By using modern (new) light source technologies that are more efficient, the power demand of these signs can be dramatically reduced.

Egress Markings

In the event of a blackout or smoky conditions the stored energy in egress markings, treads, tapes etc. are highly visible. They reduce the risk of panic or injury during emergency situations. With Illumineris egress products you will have peace-of-mind knowing you are prepared when time is critical.

Custom Solutions

With a whole suite of safety products, we can put together a customised solution for your company’s unique needs.  Please contact our sales team today for more information about your best options for safety without electricity.

Building Code

Glo Brite®, created by Jessup Manufacturing of Illinois has gone through rigorous testing and meet the following list of Canadian/U.S. codes/standards:

Canada – National Building Code of Canada 2010/2015

Code – Ratified by all Provinces and Territories
Standards – Exit Signs – CAN/ULC-S572

USA – International Building and Fire Code 2009/2012/2015

Code – NFPA Life Safety Code
Standards – Exit Signs – UL 924
Egress – UL 1994 and UL 410