In an effort to keep you safe in a diverse society, Canada is starting to change an important safety tool

New pictorial exit signs reflect a desire to help those
who don’t speak English or French

With every new building that gets the go-ahead in Ontario, the familiar red signs that read "exit" in English or "sortie" in French are one step closer to disappearing for good. Those signs are gra...

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Remaining Safe on the Job

Writer: Joanne Sprung

If you have ever been injured on the job or know someone who has then you likely realize how frustrating it can be. Aside from the physical pain it can cause, some workplace mishaps can set you on the...

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Tragic events like 9-11, the 2014 Quebec Nursing Home Fire, as well as the shootings on Parliament Hill in Ottawa are a reminder of just how important a quick/safe exit can be.

Writer: Teresa Madaleno

Local fire departments spend a great deal of time promoting the merits of a good residential exit plan. Canadian Firefighters battle more than 50,000 residential fires every year. However, this does n...

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