How it works

Photoluminescence or PL, is the emission of light from any form of matter after it absorbs photons. Illumineris products make light when their atoms become excited in a process that requires little to no heat to make that happen. They simply absorb energy from ambient light and re-emit it when the lights go out.

The Glo Brite®Photoluminescent products are made with strontium aluminate, a solid, odorless, non-flammable mineral. During a special process that uses environmentally friendly catalysts, the Glo Brite®photoluminescence emerges.

Glo Brite®, created by Jessup Manufacturing of Illinois has gone through rigorous testing and meet the following list of Canadian/U.S. codes/standards:


Code- National Building Code of Canada
Standards-Exit Signs-ULC S572
Egress-ULC S572


Code- International Building and Fire Code
NFPA Life Safety Code
Standards-Exit Signs-UL 924
Egress-UL 1994