About Us

Illumineris Inc. is a Project Based Distribution Company based out of Toronto, Ontario which was formed in 2015 between Sparta Capital (Sparta) out of Toronto and with Jessup Manufacturing (Jessup) out of McHenry, Illinois. Both Sparta and Jessup wanted to focus on the partnership possibilities in Canada and how to best promote the advantages of Photoluminescent products to the marketplace. Jessup had previously developed the proprietary rights to Photoluminescent (PL) Safety Products branded under GloBrite® and has continued to advance the product line to a new height in excellence and performance over the past decade.

Recognizing the advancements made in Canada with Jessup and the newly created executive team at Illumineris, we have spent over 12 years in acquiring every North American Building and Fire Code Standards for its “EXIT” and ‘SORTIE’ signs. Now as of 2015, The National Building and Fire Codes as well as the adopted Provincial Codes have made the International Standards Organization (I.S.O.) Pictogram “Running Man” sign mandatory for all new buildings, as well as for all retrofits requiring building permits, thereby eliminating all language barriers across Canada.

As a result, we are at the forefront for photoluminescent signage in North America which is fully approved to install, as well as replace electrical based signs without any need for electrical hook-up or electrical back-up power. Additionally, given the nature of the approval systems, it is very difficult for any new competitors in the marketplace to achieve all the necessary Standards to be acceptable within the jurisdictions across Canada in a timely manner.


Illumineris works by way of photoluminescence. This technology means no AC hook-up is required, no access to an outlet is needed, and no electrician is necessary.

Our GloBrite® PL safety products have a significant advantage over existing technologies, because Illumineris distributes this advanced technology by offering a total solution approach so our customers are provided with all their safety requirements with a with a single vendor. Jessup boasts an integrated business process .They’re the only vertically integrated North American domestic manufacturer of site-safety film solutions with the ability to bring raw materials – such as polymers, pigment and grit – in one end of a manufacturing plant and send a finished product out the other end.

Some of the key factors that make this advantage noticeable over any one else include:

  • Our products have a high glow factor
  • Our product quality and performance is considered one of the best in the industry world wide
  • Our products are North American made
  • Jessup is the leading supplier to both the Original Equipment Manufacturing Market (OEM) and the Maintenance Repair and Operations Market (MRO)
  • There is a Quality Assurance Program in place for consistency of product output
  • We have a dedicated team that ensures there is continuous product improvement program
  • Our dedicated sales force concentrate on just Photoluminescent Safety Products
  • Knowledgeable executive group have been involved with the photoluminescent industry for years
  • Executive team who participate in committees involving Code Development, Standards Development and Specification Development at all levels.

Clear vision of the market need. Illumineris knows what it takes to build and grow a profitable project based distribution company. We know what our customers need, we know the photoluminescent technology, and we know how to build the awareness that will bring the two together.

Illumineris Executive Team

Martin Troughton, London, ON

As the current President of Illumineris Inc., Mr. Martin Troughton is actively involved in committees across Canada including the National Building Code, ULC Standards, ISO Standards and Provincial and Federal Specifications, all relating to the enhancement and credibility of the photoluminescent technology within the marketplace. Gaining the experience within the photoluminescent industry, Martin worked as Vice President for a Canadian based distribution company marketing and building up the photoluminescent product line awareness across Canada from 2007 to 2015. Previous to that, Martin held the position of Director of Operations for National Underwriting Inc. from 2001 to 2007; a company that developed an integrated, centralized online system responsible for immediate visibility of insurance investigations on houses, vehicles and specialized facilities. Previous to that, as a System Architect from 2001 to 2004, Martin had the responsibility of developing and administering an E-Learning distance education portal for a large school board as well as determining the impact of an E-Learning platform to a larger set of publicly funded organizations. Martin was also the President / Owner of his own consulting firm, Sem-U-Tech from 1999-2004.

Paul Bowes, Mississauga ON

As vice President Sales, Mr. Paul Bowes is an executive sales professional with over 25 years experience in the technology industry covering major markets and verticals in Canada and in the USA. He is a results-oriented sales professional with a consistent record of increasing revenue by blending technical expertise with superior business and communications skills. He is a proven problem solver, and is focused on providing exceptional customer service. He continues to develop and maintain strong client relationships and partnerships with distributors and customers across the country.

Global Responsibility

Illumineris is a proud partner of Clean Air for Kids™; a non- profit foundation created to assist customers like you in giving back to society in a meaningful way. It’s simple – using Illumineris products means you use less electricity/fuel and therefore emit less carbon. The reductions add up fast and can be converted into funds that can be directed to pre-qualified children’s hospitals. Illumineris makes it easy for businesses to help themselves and help others.